Ashwin Caranna

Ashwin Caranna

also Ashwin Malik


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"How may I help you?"

These were the simple words I said at the interview that landed me my first internship; it came naturally, as I've always been interested in addressing needs. At this internship, I started out as an engineer building complex systems. At night, I volunteered at a non-profit organization and stumbled into marketing and graphic design.

Over time, these disparate passions morphed and merged. When I learned that there was an entire field dedicated to understanding people and designing valuable, delightful experiences for them – well, that was a revelation!

So, here I am: A user experience designer, excited to help your team tackle problems big and small.

Beyond my career, I love exploring the world through photography and food (especially Chicago). Besides that, I enjoy spending time with books, video games, family, and friends.

Terima kasih for stopping by! 🇲🇾